A set of alcohol meters АСП-3 is intended for measuring alcohol.
The set consists of 3 alcoholmeters АСП-3 (0-40%, 40-70%, 70-100%).
Professional laboratory device for more accurate measurement of the volume of ethyl alcohol in aqueous solutions.
These alcoholmeters readings show alcohol contents ranging from 0 to 40%, 40 to 70%, 70 to 100%.
There are a number of conditions to consider when working with an alcohol meter. The alcohol meter must be clean and dry to ensure good wetting of the test substance. For this, it is washed with water and dried. The control alcohol solution is poured into a cylinder, the diameter of which should be greater than the diameter of the widest part of the alcohol meter. The liquid should be slowly poured through the walls of the cylinder so that no foam forms on the surface, the cylinder is placed on a horizontal surface. A sample is taken from the experimental immersion kit at intervals appropriate to the specific gravity. Wait 10 minutes for the liquid and the alcohol meter to reach the same temperature that should be in the alcohol temperature range. Taking the alcohol meter, gently dip it into the liquid from the narrow area until you feel it begin to slowly descend, then release. At the point of contact between alcohol meters and liquid, a calculation is made along the lower border of the meniscus. We fix the data on the alcohol scale, then carefully remove the alcohol meter from the liquid.