20000 AMD

A pendant made from natural grapevine leaves. Brown patina, agate.

Leaf size: 8×6 cm

Total length:  60 cm

Weight netto: 24 g

All our jewelries are made from real leaves plated with copper by electroforming method. The copper layer is strong enough to prevent the jewelry from damage while wearing and careful storage. Do not try to band the leaf or hit it. Also, avoid long exposure in water, if wet, dry as soon as possible.

Some pieces are silver or gold plated over the copper. The silver/gold layer is thin and it can fade eventually. But it can be easily restored at your local jeweler. The rest of items are patinated (artificially aged): darkened or colored in copper green and copper blue.

All the jewelries, except silver and gold plated ones, are sealed with transparent protective varnish to prevent tarnish and stains on skin and clothes.