Type of wine
2018, 2019
Contains sulfites:
<104 mg/l
50-60 gr/dm3
Titratable acidity:
16.4 g/l
Bottle volume:
750 ml
Combined with food:
With fruits, desserts and aged cheese.

Pomegranate is considered to be а fertility, richness and love symbol in Armenia for as long as anyone can remember.The flame-golden fruit, that is glorified in a plenty of legends, is called “The House of Sun” and all brightness and great power of the sphere are collected in it. This astonishing wine is prepared from the very mellow fruit, growing on the green valley of Armenia. Antioxidative activity of natural pomegranate wine is stronger than the activity of red grape wine.It prevents aging processes as well. The wine, with its pronounced taste and tender nut afterglow, works excellent with fruits, desserts and aged cheese. 100% pomegranate wine.