Type of wine
Contains sulfites:
66.17 mg/dm³
0.80 g/dm³
Titratable acidity:
4.12 g/dm³
Bottle volume:
750 ml
Combined with food:
Ideal to be enjoyed on its own as an appetizer or pair with seafood, pastas with mushrooms or creamy sauces, poultry and sushi rolls.

Description: Aromatic and delicious Stork wine is made from Kangoun grapes grown in our single vineyards in Taperakan, Ararat (800 – 1000 meters above sea level). From this frost-resistant variety we received mineral-driven, elegant, easy drinking young wine that showcases the characteristics of terroir and variety.

Color: light lemon with golden hue.

Nose: fresh aromas of citrus, apple blossom, and melon.

Palate: delicate, mineral-driven with refreshing acidity.

The legend: This crisp dry white wine is made to delight the palate and stir the soul. It is an homage to Storks who seasonally migrate to live and raise their young alongside the grapes of the valley. For centuries, Storks have used old vines to make their nests. Throughout the growing season, they take wing over the vineyard and complement an already majestic landscape. Pull the cork. Enjoy Stork.